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Safety, quality and sustainability

Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning for high rise buildings.
Specialized in central chilled water systems & DX systems.
Mechanical fire-fighting services including FM 200, NOVEC systems as per NFPA & BS.
Fabrication and installation of G.I, MS, SS & Pre-Insulated ducting works for air-conditioning.
Fabrication and installation of G.I, MS, SS, Fire Rated & Pre-Insulated ducting works for ventilation & smoke extract systems
Fabrication and installation of Chilled Water Pipe work, Refrigerant piping & Fire- fighting pipe work.
Designing & Installation of CCU Units for Server Rooms.
Designing & installation of Staircase Pressurization Systems as per NFPA & Local Civil Defense regulations.
Engineering, procurement & installation of Fire Alarm System & Building Management Systems
VRF & VRV Systems.
Fire Alarm System.
Designing & installation of smoke extract systems, car park ventilation as per Civil Defense standards.
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Plumbing & Drainage



Plumbing & Drainage

Fire Protection system

Building Management System

Annual Maintenance Contracts(AMC)


Our Mechanical workshop is located in Hidd where we mainly focus on fabrication of GI, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Pre Insulated Ducting & Aluminum Cladding. Apart from duct production, it also facilitates maintenance services.

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Completed Projects

Our experience combined with our dedication to providing outstanding customer service and quality projects.